Tempered Glass Miami


Tempered Glass Miami

Tempered Glass Miami is a fabricator of glass and mirror products. It will offer high-quality custom glass and mirror sheets cut exactly to your specifications, including size, glass type, edgework, strength, and shape. We also provide tempering service.

We are located in Broward County, and we also serve Miami Dade County and Palm Beach County.

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We have 24,000 square feet of warehouse space for our State of the Art Tempered Glass Production Plant. We invest in technology and infrastructure to guarantee the quality of our products and to reduce the Lead Time. Our production system allows us to give a faster and better service to our customers, provide better prices and served wholesale projects effectively and efficiently.

Customer service is our company’s most important priority. We are compromised with our clients' satisfaction. We stock different types of glass for fabrication and tempering, our most common products are in Clear Glass and Starphire. We can Fabricate and Temper custom shower doors, office partitions, tempered glass railings, Countertops, Tabletops, shelves, storefronts among others.

We also fabricate and sell, clear, tinted and antique mirrors and stock high-quality hardware for all your projects.

Our Team:

Our expert team will partner with you to fabricate or temper with superior workmanship for stunning results. Bring in your exact specifications or consult with us to help you develop a customized solution for all your project needs.

Our Commitment:

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We don’t want you to have a stressful experience that’s why we have the best team to assist you thru all the process. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to guide your project. We are ready to help you!

Our business philosophy is seeking excellence with professionalism and hard work. Value employees and help them achieve their full potential and secure customer loyalty with top quality service.


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